About us

Holidog is for dogs needing a comfortable and friendly place to stay while 
their owners are away or cannot cope with their pet for a short period of time.



After losing Poppy our Dalmatian, Pippa our Labrador,  and Sammy our cat, we decided not to have any more pets of our own, but to look after our friends' dogs when they were ill or away. We found this very rewarding as we got to experience having pets around the house once more; which we had greatly missed. 
So we came up with 'Holidog', mentioned it to our friends; and the word soon got around!
Finnigan a male Golden Retriever, or Finn as he liked to be called was our first 'Holidog', along with our neighbour's dog Sheba, a female Golden Retriever. 

Since then we have had many different dogs visiting us. We live in a cottage on an estate which is 3/4 mile down a private drive from the main road. We have a large safe back garden, enclosed by a wall around three sides and a fence dividing us from our neighbour's garden.

Take a look at 'Our Holidog Stays' pages to see our happy 'Holidog' dogs and their friends.

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