Holidog Bookings 2017/18

Category A
Category B
Category C
How charges are applied

Charges above are per day or part day. At our discretion we may charge for one part day only, usually when a dog is delivered to us after 6pm at the beginning of its stay or collected from us before 10am at the end of its stay.

Special Rates apply if you have two or more dogs that we can accept; please apply for prices...

Off season




High Season




Comment Any dog that does not need/not allowed much exercise.
Or elderly and doesn’t walk much.
Any dog that will require one (or two) good walks every day in addition to access to the garden. Most dogs are in this category. Any dog that will require two good walks every day, plus constant attention and supervising such as older puppies and very active dogs.
Very young or
very old dogs
& bitches
We do not normally take a puppy under 10 months old.
Some elderly dogs can become incontinent; we regret that we cannot accept your dog if he has become incontinent.
We regret that we cannot take any bitch that is in season or likely to come into season during the proposed stay at Holidog.
Price Review
We have reviewed our rates from 
1 April 2015.
This mainly relates to being more specific about when high season applies, but is also designed to give better rates for two dogs from the same family.

For a quick indication of availability please contact Ann on 01626 830225...

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